My previous article about HarmonyOS and the importance of it can be checked here, I would suggest you go through this article before starting with this.

What does HarmonyOS have to offer for Android Developers?

· Devices use it only if it is necessary, like a modular operating system.

· The modularized decoupled HarmonyOS can be embedded in various devices according to the requirement.

· Adaptable to a wide variety of devices.

· A distributed app can be developed via the distributed capability kit in the same way a standalone app is created.

· Integrated development environment for multi-device development.

· Multiple languages will be supported by the compiler…

We have seen the importance of HarmonyOS and the new release HarmonyOS 2, in which Huawei as planned to release HarmonyOS 2 to nearly 300 million devices. The devices ranging from smartphones, tablets, smart wearables, IoT and devices from third party product manufactures.

If you would like to know more updates about HarmonyOS 2 you can read the entire article here.

Well, we have been hearing about Huawei that it likely to include HarmonyOS into its 1+8+N smart ecosystem strategy, today we will see what is this 1+8+N is all about and its importance.

The above image depicts the 1+8+N…

“Make the impossible possible.”

Another day to be marked in the history of Huawei’s with the launch of HarmonyOS 2 and all scenario new products launch.

Over the past decade we have seen a significant transformation of products, lot of innovations and trend for the phone based like the 5G.

Huawei’s official HarmonyOS 2 was released on Wednesday (June 2, 2021) and introduced the second version of the in-house OS. HarmonyOS has been around for a couple of years now, but version 2 brings a major shift in the digital era. …

We know that GitHub is a highly used software that is typically used for version control. We use it day in and day out to manage and develop projects or contributing to Open Source. We need to follow a workflow which is easier to teach and follow, both of which result in a more consistent application. To put it simply, a workflow is how you get the work done.

In this article we will see what is the Github Flow that we need to follow.

So, let’s understand what Github Flow does and its usage.

Github flow is a standard…

Challenges with Open Source

Until now we have seen the importance and how Open Source play a vital role in today’s world, if you haven’t read our article about the Open Source then you can find the details here. Today we will see what some of the common issues we face while working with the Open Source Ecosystem.

It could be in terms of Licensing, security concerns or lack of support etc., in this article we will see all these factors and many more in brief and how to handle them.


Even today most of us do not understand the licensing obligations that goes…


One of the major reasons for using these libraries is to expedite the development process, i.e., develop an amazing application without any unnecessary or additional efforts.

These libraries provide developers with basic pre-written codes and other important elements that can be used instantly rather than performing these tasks from scratch.

Lets, see some of the guidelines/best practices to be followed

  • Firstly, there is no defined set of standards or hard and fast rule available for this. However if you follow a structure it could make things easier and clearer.
  • Always stick to the goal as to why you initially started…

Reusability is one of the most common and frequently used buzzwords in software development. Developers are building components based on collections of reusable components, recently most of the technologies started to equip themselves with this function.

But the question always lingers as to when do you spend the time to make a thing reusable? How do we really build one? or how do I choose one that caters my needs.

This article as some general guidelines for thinking about reusability and its history.

History of Reusable component?

Below is the definition from Wikipedia about Reusability.

In computer science and software engineering, reusability is the…

Mobile devices are evolving into increasingly sophisticated and general-purpose computers and this has led to the development of a variety of platforms and operating systems in the mobile space.

Everyone would like to create mobile applications and bring their innovate ideas into solutions and sometimes you get overwhelmed choosing which platforms to use and the list of available platforms available.

Today let’s solve this by analyzing the various mobile platforms available in the market and which one to use and when to use it.

First let’s understand the types of app that can be build.

  • Native apps
  • Hybrid apps
  • Web…

Phone Usage

Today usage of mobile phones have increased in extensively when compared to that of computers. Mobile phone usage is taking a lead to a computer that it is small in size, light in weight, and can operate with minimum power.

These mobile phones are not limited to speaking only, it is used in making video, recording information and transmitting it to a phone or a computer.

Mobile owners worldwide will increase to 7.33 billion by 2023. The number of mobile phone users in the world will increase significantly in the next four years, as predicted by Statista.

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