Importance of Distributed OS

Distributed Operating System

From 1945, when the modern computer era began, until about 1985, computers were large and expensive. Moreover, for lack of a way to connect them, these computers operated independently from one another.

Later invention of high-speed computer networks, LAN connecting a smaller area in such a way that small amounts of information can be transferred in a few microseconds or so.

Followed by WAN which allow hundreds of millions of machines all over the earth to be connected at speeds varying from tens of thousands to hundreds of millions bps, and sometimes even faster.

Plug computers and other so-called nano computers are finding their way to the market. These small computers, often the size of a power adapter, can often be plugged directly into an outlet and offer near-desktop performance.

Put together a computing system composed of many networked computers, be they large or small, these computers are generally geographically dispersed, for which reason they are usually said to form a distributed system.

Distributed systems are growing in numbers and size. The future is distributed.

Well, now let’s see what an Operating system is which basically is a collection of software which manages hardware and services which is required to run the program. It also plays a vital role in a computer system.

Common role of an Operating system.

  • Managing Hardware.
  • Managing computer’s memory.
  • Providing a user interface.

So, with the help of this how do we classify the Operating systems types? It is possible and below are some of the listed OS types.

  • Mobile
  • Realtime
  • Distributed
  • Networking
  • Simple Batch
  • Multiprogramming
  • Time Sharing
  • Multi Processes

Today I our main focus area is the distributed Operating system, so let’s dive deep into it.

Distributed Operating system are systems which model where distributed applications are running on multiple computers, connected by communications. The main advantageous characteristics of these systems are that they provide great pace.

Another term which is used alongside with distributed Operating system is a loosely couple system.

Distributed system is considered to be more reliable than a central system, if a component fails, the system may be able to function despite the failure. Distributed system also allows software failures to be dealt with, rather than halting the whole system.

Architecture of Distributed System

Architecture of Distributed OS.

Types of Distributed Operating system.

  • Peer to Peer
  • Client-server (Both the server and the client will communicate over a computer network, which is part of a distributed system.)
  • Three tier(This architecture is most common in web applications.)
  • n Tier (all the tasks are equally divided between all the nodes.)

Common traits of DistributedOperating system.

  • Synchronization
  • Security
  • Scalability
  • Openness
  • Resource sharing
  • Flexibility


In modern operating system, multiple systems have multiple users. Distributed Operating System introduces a new era of computing. Its extendibility and scalability make it more popular.

It’s cheaper because of availability of powerful yet cheap microprocessors, user can use and get the same resources. In addition, the system is customizable because there is no limit in hardware configuration and this architecture is upgradable for future technology.




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World’s Innovative open collaborate Platform, build reusable application components to reduce effort and fast track application development on multiplatform.

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