Top Open Source

There’s always a blinding open-source alternative to whatever pro software you need for your development work and if you know where to look for one.

We have tons of Open-Source projects on Github and find ways to contribute to open source projects on GitHub that are relevant to you. Octoverse gives a surprisingly good overview of the report and helps you choose the best.

There are many ways to contribute to open-source, and the below data from the octoverse 2020 states we have contribution from diverse fields.

Below are some of the listed top open-source projects.

React Native


Visual Studio


Font Awesome







You can also check out the Trending repositories here

Explore and see if something interest you then you can start contributing one.

If you are first time contributor then you could try this link to have a better understanding

which is good guideline for beginners.

If you are non programmer then here comes a list of Open Source projects where you can contribute without any programming knowledge.

If you’re just exploring the open-source world for the first time, check out the Octoverse report for a full breakdown of what people interested in — and feel free to contribute, of course, if you have something valuable to add.

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