Top Tools for Faster and Productive Development?

Today we will see some of the commonly used tools to increase your productivity and quality of your development and the overall workflow. Whether you are building your application using React, Angular, Ember, Vue etc. The art of efficient choice of your tools aids you to tackle different problems.

These days developers need to develop applications in both Android and iOS devices and are put in spot to develop an user interface that can be used across both platforms, while maintaining the look and feel. In this situation are developer creating separate UI’s specific to corresponding platform, resulting in increased time and effort?

Achieving the look and feel of native view is a major challenge developer face these days and are the component good enough to act like native or what are the alternatives?

This is where the modern UI tools comes like a life saver with wide range of building block available to the developer. Ranging from buttons, input elements, scrolling list, Grid element and many more. These components are still available but not designed to caters the modern cross platform concerns and constraints in the modern applications.

In order to overcome these challenges, I think we need to explore and make the maximum utilization of the UI component library which is readily available to us, use them in our development process and building a modern application.

Let’s explore some of the best tools in the markets and there productivity meter.

1. Bit

2. StoryBookJs

3. NativeBase

4. PatternFly

5. Elix

6. Webcomponents

7. Stencil

10. Vaadin web components

9. Polymer Elements

10. UI5 Web Components (SAP)


Do you recommend or have any other tools in mind that you would like to mention then please share your comments with us?

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